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Privacy Policy - The Link Related Companies-"LRC" -Florida-Media-Link-"FML" and related affiliates, partners and managed sites

The content and information displayed on this, and affiliated, web sites ("The Link Related Companies or "LRC"") and/or on ("Affiliated Company or Divisions-including, however not limited to, websites and digital assets ") website(s) are the property of LRC, or its affiliates, or represented third party entities partnered or managed sites, and is collectively referred to as ("Link Related Companies, LRC, Florida-Media-Link, FML, Information", "Link Related Companies", "we", "our" or "us"). The downloading, reproduction, or retransmission of LRC or FML Information, other than for non-commercial individual use, is strictly prohibited.

The Link Related Companies, our affiliates, partners and managed sites are committed to providing an excellent experience to all of our users, customers and visitors of our Web sites, including protecting and respecting your concerns about privacy. We understand that you may have questions about how we collect and use the information that you provide to us. We have prepared this policy to inform you of the privacy principles that govern our use of information we obtain from our users or customers, including information we obtain through this Web site and affiliated, partnered or managed sites included within The Link Related Companies related to this privacy policy ("Policy").

This Policy contains numerous general and technical details about the steps we take to respect your privacy concerns.

If after reviewing this Policy, you have any questions or privacy concerns please send an Email: or send a letter or fax to:

The Link Related Companies Attn: Information Protection and Privacy 780 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 200 Naples, Florida 34102 USA This Policy was last updated on August 19, 2013, to describe how the privacy policy applies to all of the information we obtain from you and to update the privacy policy with respect to LRC and its affiliated entities, partners and managed sites.


Our Web sites do not collect personally identifiable information when you browse this Web site and request pages from our servers unless you provide it to us. This means that we will not know your name, your email address, or any other personally identifiable information just because you browse the Web site unless you: .access the Web site from a link in an email that we sent; .are a LRC Program member or have created a profile and you either log-in to your account or choose to be remembered via your cookie, including on your web-enabled mobile device. In these cases we will know who you are based on the information you previously supplied to us. When you request a page from our Web site, our servers log the information provided in the HTTP request header including the IP number, the time of the request, the URL of your request and other information that is provided in the HTTP header. We collect the HTTP request header information in order to make our Web sites function correctly and provide you the functionality that you see on this Web site. We also use this information to personalize content presented to you, better understand how visitors use our Web site and how we can better tune it, its contents, and functionality to meet your needs.

Information We Collect and How We Use It

When we need to collect personally identifiable information from you to provide you with a particular service, we will ask you to voluntarily supply us with the information we need. For example, if you would like to participate in a special program or be included in our email list , we will ask you for information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card number, LRC Program number (if applicable). We will use your email address to send a confirmation and, if necessary, might use the other information to contact you for help in processing your request. We will also use your contact information to: Send you a message summarizing your request details and providing other information; Notify you about special offers and promotions as described in this privacy policy; as well as Send you periodic satisfaction or market research surveys. You can opt out of marketing communications at any time. You can also opt out of LRC research surveys. The same types of information would be requested to register for a LRC Program or promotion, enter a sweepstakes or online game, to enroll in the LRC/ program or to redeem LRC Program benefits. On occasion, we use third parties to provide us with additional contact information about you given the information you provided to us directly. For example, if we know your name and postal address, we may use a third party to provide us with your email address. We would then use this information for market analysis and marketing purposes.

Children's Privacy

This Web site is not intended for children and we do not knowingly solicit or collect personally identifiable information from children.

Click to Chat

To assist you in quickly accessing the information you want on this Web site, we may use third party software to proactively initiate or offer online chat if it appears that you are having difficulties navigating the Web site, if we believe you would benefit from assistance to help direct you to the desired content quicker or to make you aware of other information or offers relevant to your search. It is your choice to use the online chat feature or to close the chat window. If you choose to use the online chat feature, the person that will chat with you may access your LRC Program or information and your past history, if applicable. All information you enter via online chat may be associated to your email address and will be stored in our systems with any other information you provide and any transaction details.

Accessing LRC sites from Web-enabled Mobile Devices

You can access LRC sites from a web-enabled mobile device to interact with our site(s) (including clicking to call). In addition, you may download an application to your device to provide additional functionality. If you have downloaded the application to your device such as an Android, BlackBerry or iPhone you can take advantage of the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. No personally identifiable information is retained to deliver this service. In addition, these applications may allow you to select one touch authentication if you would like to have your LRC Program number and password remembered so that you do not need to enter them every time when you are using these devices to access

Securing the Transmission and Storage of Information

We treat the information you provide to us as confidential information; it is, accordingly, subject to our company's security procedures and policies regarding protection and use of confidential information. When we ask you for credit card data, it is transferred over a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) line, provided you are using a SSL enabled browser such as Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. We also use SSL on other pages where you would enter personally identifiable information. This ensures that your information is encrypted as it travels over the Internet. This secure mode is enabled before any such information is transmitted from your computer or web-enabled device. You will know you are in secure mode when the padlock or key icon in the lower right-hand or left-hand corner of the computer screen appears in the locked position. In addition, when accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from "http" to "https." After information reaches LRC and/or , it is stored on a secure server that resides behind firewalls designed to block unauthorized access from outside of LRC. Because laws applicable to personal information vary by country, our entities or other business operations may put in place additional measures that vary depending on the applicable legal requirements. Information collected on the Web sites covered by this privacy policy is generally processed and stored in the United States

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

In addition to the services and required information sharing described directly above, LRC, affiliates, partners and managed sites use the services of third party processors, such as market researchers, fulfillment houses, email service providers and mail houses that process mail for the LRC Group, LRC's Authorized Licensees, persons authorized by you, and LRC franchisees as well as such entities and marketing companies that provide these services for the LRC Group, LRC's Authorized Licensees and LRC franchisees. These parties are contractually prohibited from using personally identifiable information for any purpose other than for the purpose LRC specifies. We do provide non-personally identifiable information to certain service providers for their use on an aggregated basis for the purpose of performing their contractual obligations to us. Except as described in this paragraph and the sections above titled " LRC Program Communications and Use of Customer Information" and "Services" we do not permit the sale or transfer of personally identifiable information to entities outside of the LRC family of companies, franchisees, Authorized Licensees and hotels and our third party service providers for any non- LRC use without your approval.


Our Website and ads appearing on our sites use "cookie" technology. "Cookies" are encrypted strings of text that a Web site stores on a user's computer. Our Web site requires the use of a Cookie throughout site interaction. Without Cookies we will not be able to keep information you enter on multiple pages together. Cookies also enable us to customize our Web site and offerings to your needs and provide you with a better online experience - Cookies are used to: .Allow registered users to sign in without typing their email/ LRC and Program number each time; .Measure usage of various pages on our Web site to help us make our information more pertinent to your needs and easy for you to access; and .Provide functionality such as online ecommerce, LRC/ Program transactions, and other functionality that we believe would be of interest and value to you- .Help to make advertising more effective and relevant to your online experience- The types of Cookies that we use are referred to as "session" Cookies and "persistent" Cookies. Session Cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted once you close your internet browser. Persistent Cookies remain on your computer hard drive until you delete them or are otherwise removed upon expiration. We do not use Cookies to ascertain any personally identifiable information about you apart from what you voluntarily provide us in your dealings with LRC. Cookies do not corrupt or damage your computer, programs, or computer files. You are able to manage your cookies in various ways. Including Ads settings and in your web browser settings.

Third Party Advertising Cookies

We use third-party advertising technology to serve ads when you visit our Web site and sites upon which we advertise. This technology uses information about your visits to this Web site and the sites upon which we advertise, (not including your name, address, or other personally identifiable information), to serve our ads to you. In the course of serving our advertisements to you, a unique third-party persistent Cookie may be placed or recognized on your browser. In addition, we use beacon gifs (see description below), provided by our ad-serving providers, to help manage our online advertising. These beacon gifs enable our ad server to recognize a browser's Cookie when a browser visits this site and to learn which banner ads bring users to our Web site and whether certain digital events on LRC sites have been executed. The information our ad-serving providers and we collect through this technology is not personally identifiable but is used to create a profile which allows the ad-serving provider to serve adverts which are targeted towards you and your interests across the ad-serving network. You may set your browser to block Cookies (consult the instructions for your particular browser on how to do this), although doing so to block LRC cookies will adversely affect your ability to perform certain functions, use certain functionality, and access certain content on our Web sites.

Pixel Tags

LRC, and its third-party service providers use pixel tags (also known as "clear gifs" "beacon gifs" etc.). Pixel tags are not visible to the user of the Web site and consist of a few lines of computer coding delivered with the Web page. Pixel tags are not used to collect any personally identifiable information about you apart from what you voluntarily provide us in your dealings with LRC and . LRC, and our email service provider use pixel tags to: .Track customer response to LRC and advertisements and Web site content; .Determine your ability to receive HTML-based email messages. Our email service provider includes a pixel tag, which they refer to as a "coded sensor" in all of the HTML-based messages sent on our behalf. The sensor activates when the email message is opened and flags the email address of the user as one that is capable of receiving HTML-based email messages. This capability helps our service provider to send the email in a format you can read. The sensor does not collect or use any other information. If you cannot receive HTML, you will not receive a functioning sensor; .Know how many users open an email and allow our service provider to compile aggregated statistics about an email campaign for us; and .Allow us to better target interactive advertising, enhance customer support and site usability, and provide offers and promotions that we believe would be of interest to you. Other technologies used and location data Additionally, advertising systems may use other technologies, including Flash and HTML5, for functions like display of interactive ad formats. We may use the IP address for example, to identify your general location. We may also select advertising based on information about your computer or device, such as your device model, browser type, or sensors in your device like the accelerometer. To serve ads in services where cookie technology may not be available (for example, in mobile applications), we may use anonymous identifiers. These perform similar functions to cookies. To control the ads that we serve to apps on your mobile device, you can use our Ads Settings for apps. To change your preferences, or to opt out of interest-based ads, follow the instructions below for your mobile device. These technologies typically can be managed by way of your operating system settings and preferences. Different types of location information may be used in various products. Implicit location information is information that does not actually tell us where your device is located, but allows us to infer that you are either interested in the place or that you might be at the place. An example of implicit location information would be a manually typed search query for a particular place. Implicit location information is used in a variety of ways. For example, if you type in "Eiffel Tower", we infer that you may like to see information for places near Paris, and we can then use that to provide recommendations about those local places to you. Internet traffic information, such as IP address, is usually assigned in country-based blocks, so it can be used to at least identify the country of your device, and do things such as to provide you with the correct language and locale for search queries. This information is sent as a normal part of internet traffic. Some products, such as turn-by-turn navigation for mobile, use more precise location information. For these products, you typically have to choose to turn on device-based location services, which are services that use information such as GPS signals, device sensors, Wi-Fi access points, and cell tower ids that can be used to derive or estimate precise location. You can subsequently choose to turn the device-based location services off. Certain devices and/or applications might also offer you additional location control settings for these device-based location services. For example, in some products, you can choose whether to store these locations in that product or account's history

Emails about Special Offers and Promotions and Opt-Out

It is our intention is that you should only receive email communications that will be useful to you and that you want to receive. When you join LRC and Program, make a reservation, or request a copy of your hotel bill via email and provide your email address, we will periodically contact you via email and provide information about LRC and/or special offers and promotions that may be of interest to you (unless you opt out). We will also give you the opportunity to receive Offers and Promotions from LRC, its Affiliates and Authorized Licensees concerning other LRC and branded offers and promotions that we believe would be of interest to you. We typically use third party email service providers to send emails. These service providers are contractually prohibited from using your email address for any purpose other than to send LRC related email. We provide you the ability to define and modify your emailing preferences online at any time including unsubscribe from all marketing communications. You may select or modify your emailing preferences online at any time, including the option to unsubscribe from all marketing communications. You can unsubscribe from any of our email programs by visiting the unsubscribe page for either LRC . In addition, every time you receive an email, you will be provided the choice to opt-out of future emails by following the instructions provided in the email. You may also opt-out online of LRC , or sending a letter to Internet Customer Care - Unsubscribe, 780 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200, Naples, FL 34102. Please allow 10 business days for us to process your opt-out.

Sweepstakes and Online Games

On occasion, sweepstakes and/or online games may be conducted that entitle the winners to prizes. Each sweepstakes or online game has its own terms and conditions. Some sweepstakes and online games require you to choose to enter and for others you will be entered automatically if certain elements described in the sweepstakes or online games terms and conditions are met (e.g., making a reservation with a certain credit card). You will be informed before a transaction is executed if it will result in an automatic entry into the sweepstakes. As part of entering a sweepstakes or online games certain personally identifiable information such as name and email address will be required. We may use this information to send future communications about specials and offers. As stated in the email section of this privacy policy, every time you receive a marketing email you will be provided the choice to opt-out of future marketing emails by following the instructions provided in the email.

Other Sites

LRC is only responsible for the privacy policy and content of this Web site and information we collect. We are not responsible for the data collection and use practices and privacy policy or the use of cookies on Web sites that you have accessed this Web site from and to the non- LRC Web sites that you may access from this Web site.

Legal Issues

This is a United States Web site and is subject to laws of the United States and the State of Maryland. LRC and will disclose personally identifiable information without your permission when required by law, or in good faith belief that such action is necessary to investigate or protect against harmful activities to LRC and guests, visitors, associates, or property (including this site), or to others. As mentioned previously, laws related to personally identifiable information vary by country.

Other LRC Sites within

Within LRC's are numerous other LRC Web sites that are accessible from links within or via separate URLs. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy please send an Email:

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